TemboTusk’s LoadSpotter Levitating Slide Review

By Mike Fissel
One of the most important pieces of equipment on an extended overland trip is my 12v refrigerator/freezer. There are a number of manufacturers out there offering a quality product with a wide price range.

I recently acquired a new Edgestar 43qt model. When deciding to purchase a 12v fridge you should consider a number of factors. You just can’t throw it in the back of your rig along with the rest of the gear. It doesn’t make sense to pile other gear on top of it and there is a lot of wasted space between the lid and your roof. If you build a shelf system to tuck your fridge into, you need a slide to easily access your fridge. If you mount your fridge on a drawer unit or a shelf system, you still need to be able to access the fridge.

Enter the LoadSpotter. Mounted to the floor of your rig, the LoadSpotter makes the job of sliding your fridge out for easy access a breeze. But, where it really shines and stands out far above anything else on the market is when you mount it above a drawer unit or on top of a shelf. The LoadSpotter not only slides out but it will also drop down to floor level to make accessing your fridge as easy as 1, 2, 3. No it’s not magic, it’s an ingenious system of heavy ball bearing slides, frame and gas struts. As an option there is also a prep tray that slides out from under the fridge. Talk about heavy-duty, the tray is rated at 150 lbs!

There is nothing lightweight about the LoadSpotter. It is super heavy-duty and the quality of construction is unparalleled. The guys at TemboTusk did not cut any corners. This unit is absolutely bulletproof and virtually indestructible, capable of tackling the weight of your fully-loaded fridge without breaking a sweat. It is the “Incredible Hulk” of fridge slides!

You can buy cheaper but you can’t buy anything better. The LoadSpotter is built to last a lifetime!

TemboTusk’s LoadSpotter is available for most popular brands and models of 12v fridge/freezers so if you’re looking for an awesome fridge slide, check out their website and watch their video below. You, too, will become a believer in a product that not only makes owning a 12v fridge/freezer convenient while in the backcountry but also defines high quality and the old adage, “You pay for what you get.”

Check out the LoadSpotter and the new line of TemboTusk flat slides and other accessories by visiting www.tembotusk.com

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