TheSand Chef Contest
Congratulations to all the Sand Chefs. A great job by was done by all
the teams under very tough, cold, windy conditions. The food was outstanding as
was the very large crowd cheering on the contestants.  The secret ingredient this year was Coffee!
I did not get the names of all the judges, but we did have a few celebrities at
the table. Woody our benevolent IH8MUD dictator took the judging very
seriously while posting to MUD at the same time, good multi tasking!! PismoJim
of course whose presence alone makes SnT possible. Cristo Slee with
his amazing Slee Limo rounded out the celebs.
First place was won by Pablo and his wife a two person team. Not
only did they win the cash pool, they won a TemboTusk Extreme
Duty flat slide, Buffalo Straps and a box full of bottles of wine or alcohol
from Slee Off-Road.
Second place by just one point was Ross Woody and his team the Effing
Betty Crockers
Third place in the Sand Chef rankings was Roberto and his team the
. Good job Roberto, the food was amazing. He spent the next hour or so
after the end of the contest, feeding the masses that were hanging out near his
cook station!
Chef Alvaro out did himself this year with an outstanding Sand Chef Contest.

Cooking on the beach is FUN!
Like the famous FoodTV show, the Surf N Turf Sand Chef competition pits La Creme de La Creme of Cruiser Chefs against each other in an exciting cooking competition.
Master Chef Alvaro Rodriguez organizes this competition and provides a colorful play by play. Judges and spectators are treated to scrumptious delights as the entries are prepared and served on the beach.
Participants have 90 minutes to come up with two savory dishes, plus one dessert based on a secret ingredient. The secret ingredient will be revealed the previous night. This will give teams enough time for to get their ingredients and recipes ready for the evening’s showdown.
There will be a panel of 4 judges, plus the Surf and Turf’s PismoJim. Each entry will be judged in 3 categories. The categories are: Taste, Presentation, & Originality. Taste will have a scale of 1 to 5 points. While presentation and originality will max out at 3 points. The wining team will be the one who is able to score the greater amount of points.
Like before, each team will have its own name and maximum of 3 members. There will be a maximum of 7 teams. Each team must provide all their ingredients, including the secret ingredient, plus all their cooking equipment. Each team will bring their own setup (Cooking table, stove, grill, cookware, lights, ETC). Plus 7″ dessert plates, used to serve their creations to the judges.

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