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Surf N Turf & the Sand Chef

9th Annual
Toyota Land Cruiser

Surf N Turf

November 5-7, 2010
Pismo Beach, CA

TemboTusk is sponsoring the Sand Chef competition this year!!


The winning Sand Chef will receive a LoadSpotter slide as a grand prize!

Sand Chef

Cooking on the beach is FUN!

Like the famous FoodTV show, the Surf N Turf Sand Chef competition pits La Creme de La Creme of Cruiser Chefs against each other in an exciting cooking competition.

Master Chef Alvaro Rodriguez organizes this competition and provides a colorful play by play. Judges and spectators are treated to scrumptious delights as the entries are prepared and served on the beach.

Participants have 90 minutes to come up with two savory dishes, plus one dessert based on a secret ingredient. The secret ingredient will be revealed the previous night. This will give teams enough time for to get their ingredients and recipes ready for the evening’s showdown.

There will be a panel of 4 judges, plus the Surf and Turf’s PismoJim. Each entry will be judged in 3 categories. The categories are: Taste, Presentation, & Originality. Taste will have a scale of 1 to 5 points. While presentation and originality will max out at 3 points. The wining team will be the one who is able to score the greater amount of points.

The Sand Chef contest was a load of fun and great food from all the teams.

Congratulations to Woody and his team for winning the “Top Sand Chef” contest!!

Loved the celebrity judges!!

Thanks to Pismo Jim and Alvaro for putting together a great event and letting TemboTusk be the 2010 Sand Chef sponsor!


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