Adventure Skottle Grill

1: Who can use the Adventure Skottle Grill?

 It is designed for the adventure motorcycle crowd, kayakers, hikers, river rafters and  anybody who needs a small, light weight, easily packable cooking Skottle Grill.  I am also getting a lot of requests from regular folks who just want a smaller alternative for tailgating or solo camping.

 2: What stove can I use with the Adventure Skottle?

The Adventure Skottle was designed around the MSR DragonFly multi-fuel stove.  Unless you are traveling to countries where canister gas is difficlut to find,  we recomend using the MSR Superfly or the GSI Glacier stove. 

3: What comes in the Kit?

   Adventure Skottle Kit  comes with: Skottle Pan, legs, GSI Glacier stove and Carry Bag. 

 4: Does the Adventure Skottle ship pre seasoned?  

             Yes, we pre-season each Skottle before we ship them.  They are ready to cook on!

5: How many people can I feed with the Adventure Skottle Grill?

            The Adventure  Skottle is perfect for one or two people to cook on.  More than two and the larger original TemboTusk Skottle is better.

6: Where is the Adventure Skottle made?
The Adventure Skottle pan, legs and carry bag are made in the USA. 

7: What is the overall size of the carry bag?
           13” x 13” x 2”

8: How much does the Adventure Skottle Grill weigh? 
Adventure Skottle and aluminum legs:  2 lbs, 11oz
Blue Ridge Carry Bag: 1lb

9: Who makes the carry bag?

            Blue Ridge Overland Gear makes the Adventure Skottle carry bag.


10: Is the bag sold separately from the Adventure Skottle?
            No, the bag comes as part of the kit. 

 11: Like the larger Skottle, will there be alternative bags on the market?
             Not that we know of. 

  12: Can the inexpensive Coleman style single burner like the one used with the larger Skottle Grill be used with the Adventure Skottle?

The Adventure Skottle was not designed to be used with the Coleman style single burner; however, because of a quirk in the design of the Adventure Skottle legs, the Coleman single burner will fit under the pan and will work quite well.   (This is not an endorsement, it just happens to work.)