TemboTusk Buffs



TemboTusk Buffs

For those times you just need to cover your face!  The buffs are 100% Polyester Microfiber, Seamless Elastic Tube Bandannas.  

The buffs can be used to protect your face from wind, sun, dust and sand.  It can even be used to cover an N95 mask!  

This buff is not a medical mask, nor will it protect you from viruses or other medical issues floating around.   However, it will make you look cool and is handy if you do need to cover up.   

Shipping included!   Continental  USA only 

(Alaska, Hawaii, Canada & Mexico: please send an email request for a shipping estimate. Unless combined with a larger purchase.)

(Nick not included)


How to wear a buff – the 13 most useful ways:

  1. Scarf – simply wear the buff loosely around you neck

  2. Neck Warmer – keep it around your neck but pull it over the bottom of your chin

  3. Face Mask – pull it up even higher all around; it should cover your nose but sit below your eyes

  4. Sun Guard – cover your chin in the front and pull the back up and over the back of your head; works great with a baseball cap or helmet

  5. Hood – keep the front under your chin and pull the back up and over the whole top of your head

  6. Balaclava – start with the hood and then grab material from below your chin and double it up and over to cover your nose

  7. Head Band – like the scarf this is pretty straight forward

  8. Beanie – twist it in the middle then pull top section down over the bottom to make a cap shape

  9. Bandana – tie a knot to make a cap shape

  10. Sahariane – lay flat on your head with openings facing front and back; hold inside with one hand over your forehead and use other hand to pull top layer towards back of head to secure

  11. Hair Band – start with a scarf then pull up

  12. Head Scarf – just like a hair band but also pull the top back to cover your hair

  13. Scrunchie – also very straight forward, use it to hold back your pony tail

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