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How to Cook Lamb Chops and fixings.

How to Cook Lamb Chops and fixings.

Executive Chef for the Oceanaire Seafood Room in San Diego.  Chef Daniel Barron shows us how to make a delishous Lamb Chop, patotoes and vegebles dinner on the TemboTusk Skottle Grill.  Daniel is also an avid Jeep enthusiast!  




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Base Camp Basics

Base Camp Basics

Base Camp Basics 
by BlueRidge Overland Gear

Making Popcorn on the TemboTusk Skottle Grill as demonstrated by Grant of Bluerodge Overland Gear!

You may be stuck at home, but that doesn't mean you have to put your camping gear away!  Get ready for your next camping or overlanding trip with some 
Base camp Basics! 


f   Click here to see full size BlueRidge Overland Gear video. 


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Four Wheeler Magazine's Sean Holman Stops By

Four Wheeler Magazine's Sean Holman Stops By

I’m a huge fan of the @tembotusk #skottle. Can’t wait to do some cooking for @fourwheelermag on it. Gotta figure out what to make first!!! #cookingwithsean #grillingwithsean

We recently stopped by @tembotusk to take delivery of our new Skottle. If you’ve never heard of a Skottle, you are missing out! It is one of our absolutely favorite ways to cook on the trail. With heritage that dates back to South African farmers, the Skottle might be the most versatile cooking equipment you could carry in your rig. It simply consists of a made in the USA pre-seasoned steel disc, a 10,000 BTU single burner, and legs. Leave all the pots and pans at home, the Skottle will do it all. From pasta and steak to breakfast burritos and dessert, like we said “versatile”. It also packs down compactly and doesn’t take up much space in your rig. Looking forward to doing an in-depth story on the Skottle and sharing more info with you.

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TemboTusk Skottle vs a Camp Stove

TemboTusk Skottle vs a Camp Stove

Since I got the Skottle, our camp meals have been nothing short of awesome, we can cook anything we want again without the added hassle of longer set up, time-wasting clean up, and space-consuming extra gear.
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Drive the Globe: My 3 Must Have Overland Items for Camping

Drive the Globe: My 3 Must Have Overland Items for Camping

Drive the Globe 
Michael Ladden

We all take a bunch of gear when long term overlanding or even camping for the weekend. Michael Ladden discusses his three favorite things that are must haves when adventuring in his vehicle.

Our series focuses on the world of overlanding. Informal, unscripted & limited to only 2 minutes (or so) we explore overland travel, adventure destinations, vehicle outfitting, expedition gear and a whole lot more. Be sure to subscribe to our channel & look for a new video every Tuesday at 2pm EST.

Subscribe for more:   https://www.youtube.com/drivetheglobe

For more info about DRIVE THE GLOBE, please check out: http://www.drivetheglobe.com


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The Loam Wolf Review: TemboTusk Skottle

The Loam Wolf Review: TemboTusk Skottle

Words & Photos by Chili Dog

As long as there have been humans, there has been cooking outdoors. But thanks to hashtags and the sharing of “Instagram worthy moments,” the age-old necessity of eating in the woods has become a glamorized affair. The Skottle is a poster child of the overland movement, earning it equal parts disdain and reverence. We were curious to see if the hype was real so we took it to the desert for a week of riding with four hungry mountain bikers. Let’s see how it did.


Originating in South Africa, the Skottle was born out of necessity and convenience. Farmers would convert old harrow discs into cooking surfaces. The concave design, while cumbersome at first glance, is what makes the cooking surface so versatile. The center is the hottest part where the cooking happens, while the edges can be used for warming. Typically the center sits around 350 degrees, while the outside edges hover around 160 degrees.

Tembo Tusk Skottle

The concave form also means that meats cook in their own juices, yielding more flavor and better results. If you’re really clever, you can even do things like boil pasta in the center while cooking chicken and veggies on the side. The possibilities are endless. It’s like having pots, pans and a griddle all in one.

Tembo Tusk is a small Southern California company founded by owner Jerry L’Ecuyer. He ran with the Skottle design and adopted it to the camping world. He takes pride in creating an entirely American made product right in his own facility. From seasoning to welding, it all happens in house at Tembo Tusk. Along with their line of camping accessories, like fridge slides, Tembo Tusk offers the Skottle in two sizes: a 12” compact Adventure Skottle, and the 18” Skottle Grille kit, which is what we reviewed here.

Included in the kit is the pre-seasoned Carbon Steel Skottle, four legs and wing nuts, a Coleman style 10,000 BTU burner and well made carrying cases for the legs and Skottle. It also comes with a neat little plastic stand that attaches to your propane bottle so you can forgo the legs for ultra compact traveling. If you ditch the legs, everything you need fits in the single Skottle carrying bag. It even has room for multiple propane bottles. To assemble, simply slide the legs into the holes under the Skottle, secure them with the provided wing nuts, and slide the burner into place. It’s all done in about 60 seconds.

Tembo Tusk Skottle

The Dirt

When we first arrived at camp, my friend Austin immediately called out my “hipster wok.” After goading me, he began to set up his griddle, which he insisted was far superior to my hyped up disc. “Besides he said, how are you going to cook in something that’s curved anyway?” Meanwhile I set up the Skottle in half the time it took him, and had it cleaned and was enjoying the fire while he was still trying to pull his grease trap out. Two meals later he was asking me how much my Skottle cost… From that point forward, the Skottle made every meal. Whether it was scrambles for breakfast, orange chicken for dinner, or even spaghetti and meatballs, the Skottle cooked it all. In typical cast iron fashion, it only tastes better the more you cook on it. I’ve yet to have a better chorizo and egg scramble than the one that came off this Skottle!

You can laugh at the hype, but after using this Skottle on multiple trips, there’s a reason they’ve gotten so popular. It is seriously practical. Our Skottle takes up a fraction of the space that other options do, which matters when you’re fitting everything into your car or even motorcycle. To cook the same meals on a stove set up would mean bringing the stove, pots, pans and something to keep them in. A griddle is a great option, but only works for things that can’t run off a flat surface. A stove with pots and pans or a griddle also takes a lot more work to clean after each use. With the Skottle, simply boil some water after each meal and scrub off the residue with a spatula. It’s that easy. Just like any other cast iron pan however, you don’t want to use soap.

Thanks to the included carrying bag, storage is easy. Even sitting in the back of my truck on trips, the Skottle stays clean and ready. The rugged design also means I don’t have to worry about damaging it off road. You’d be hard pressed to break something with zero moving parts!

Two things we wish we’d added to our kit and plan to add in the future is a lid and a wind guard. Both are sold on the Tembo Tusk site and aid in the cooking process. The wind guard is really only necessary in strong winds, like those found in the desert. When you need it, you need it. Aside from that, we have ZERO complaints about the Skottle. It doesn’t use any more propane than your average stove or griddle either.

Tembo Tusk Skottle

The Wolf’s Last Word

If you are a doubter of the Skottle, it’s about time your mind is changed. There are few camp cooking options as simple, easy to use and effective as this. While the design may seem odd at first, it adds the kind of cooking flexibility needed when camping so you can pack lighter. Tembo Tusk even has a free cook book chalked full of great ideas and recipes. If you’re like us, one time using the Skottle will be enough to convince you to never use anything else. It ain’t cheap, but you know you’ll never be buying another one again.

Price: $325.00;
Website: Tembotusk.com/

We liked this kit so much, we asked Tembo Tusk for a discount for all of you.
If you want to get your own, use the code “wolfpack” for 5% off anything on the site.

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Blue Ridge Overland Gear Tests the Skottle Carry Bag

Blue Ridge Overland Gear Tests the Skottle Carry Bag

Sometimes it's just fun to tear things apart! 

At Blueridge Overland Gear, we expect you to put our gear to the test. Even on your toughest adventures, we want you to come out on the other side with a sturdy, durable piece of product that'll last for years.

We've engineered some more unscientific destructive testing to show you that our gear is the real deal. It's tougher than tough and we can prove it! Watch the following video to see us bring hell to some unsuspecting Skottle bags. The squeamish should look away.

We bring you the pull and drag tests!



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Scout of Mind Review: TemboTusk Skottle

Scout of Mind Review: TemboTusk Skottle

Tembo Tusk Skottle Review


The Tembo Tusk Skottle is a wok-style skillet that can be used for a wide-range of cooking. Even though I usually bring a grill camping, the Skottle has quickly become my favorite camping essential and I use it for most meals that require cooking.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see our disclosure page for more info.

Skottle Review

Tembo Tusk Skottle Review

How It Works

The Skottle comes pre-seasoned so you can begin cooking immediately. It is held up by three detachable legs and uses a Coleman-style burner as its heat source. The burner is sold separately unless you buy the complete Skottle Grill Kit. The Skottle uses disposable 16 oz. propane tanks but can be adapted to use a larger tank.

Due to the shape and heating source, the center of the Skottle is where most of the actual cooking takes place. The outside area is perfect for keeping food warm while cooking in the middle. I usually cook veggies or bacon and then leave them on the outside to stay warm while I cook the main course.

Setting up the Skottle takes less than 10 minutes. After I set it up the first time I usually leave it until we pack up to leave.

Tembo Tusk Skottle Details


  • Dimensions: 28 x 7 x 18 in.

  • Weight: 22 lb

  • BTUs: 10,000

  • Fuel: 16 oz propane gas tank


What I Like About the Skottle

The number one thing I like about the Skottle is how versatile it is. You can cook pancakes and bacon for breakfast, and tacos or stir fry for dinner. There aren’t too many things I haven’t been able to cook on the Skottle that require a pan or grill. One of my favorite things to whip up is a breakfast hash.

When I am camping, I don’t like to spend a lot of time setting up, breaking down, and cleaning. With the Skottle, I am able to fire it up and start cooking within minutes and clean up is super quick with the non-stick surface.

Tembo Tusk Skottle


The size, shape, and weight make it awkward for travel and storage. I would recommend getting the carrying case to help with those issues. It’s definitely not something hikers or light packers would or could use.

The Skottle’s legs could also be improved. They are not adjustable which makes even surfaces a little difficult to work with.

Final Thoughts

Tembo Tusk’s Skottle is an overall awesome and versatile device for all types of outdoor cooking. The size of its cooking surface is big enough to make food for groups of all sizes and its non-stick surface makes cooking all types of food fun and easy. There is definitely room for improvement regarding the size and legs but Tembo recently began manufacturing a smaller and more compact sized Skottle to help with lighter packers.

Scout of Mind

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Rogue Overland's Review of the TemboTusk Camp Tables

Rogue Overland's Review of the TemboTusk Camp Tables

The Rogue Overland Crew takes you through a review of the Tembo Tusk table with Step 22 Gear carrying bag. This table is constructed of metal and bamboo, making it robust yet small enough to conveniently pack in your overland rig. PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA

Click Here for the TemboTusk Camp Table Review.

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Crankshaft Culture Gear Review: TemboTusk Adventure Skottle

Crankshaft Culture Gear Review: TemboTusk Adventure Skottle

Gear Review by Crankshaft Culture's Mercedes Lilienthal

When you think of camp cooking setups, what do envision? Do you think of the two-burner Coleman stove you inherited from your grandpa, or the heavy cast iron pots and pans you lug along to make your camp meal? Maybe scratched-up bargain basement Teflon pans? Perhaps just freeze-dried backpacking meals you pop into a bowl so you avoid the whole cooking thing altogether? Well, there are new ways of camp cooking. We introduce to you Tembo Tusk and its Adventure Skottle.

 Click here to view the full article


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How the Skottle Changed Our Camp Kitchen

How the Skottle Changed Our Camp Kitchen

Spring of 2016, as we started watching more and more Overlanding videos, we began researching gear and products that we could use on our trips. All Jeremy kept talking about was a Skottle that he saw on an episode of Mountain State Overland on YouTube and how that was a must have in our gear. To be honest, all I thought was “What is he talking about?" and "What the heck is a Skottle?” As the days went on, he kept telling me all about the Skottle and kept going back to the fish taco episode from MSO. Clearly he was excited about it! So I decided to start searching for this Skottle thing he wanted and thought it might make a great Father’s Day present. Not realizing however, that it would ultimately change our camp kitchen and what we cooked at camp and at home!

2016-10-14 17.56.45.jpg

With my internet browser in hand, I did a quick search. Low and behold I found his crazy Skottle thing he wanted from TemboTusk in California! 

Family_Adventures_Overlanding Blog and website

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OffroadNC Product Spotlight: TemboTusk Skottle

OffroadNC Product Spotlight: TemboTusk Skottle

Head to your local camping store and surely you will be greeted by a multitude of different camp cooking devices: rapid boilers, folding stoves, grills, ovens, even some that will fit inside the pocket of your jacket!  What if I told you, however, that the best camp cooking device (for the overlander) wasn’t there?  What if there was one cooking product that could do it all?  Pizzas, fajitas, burgers, steaks, eggs, bacon…all without the need of pots and pans!  Well, that product actually does exist, and it is called the Tembo Tusk Skottle.

Per Tembo Tusk:

The history of the Skottle comes from the South African farmer and finding a secondary use for old harrow discs by turning them into an outdoor cooking utensil they could use while out in the fields.  The Skottle caught on with the public in the 1940s and 50s and is now synonymous with grilling in South Africa.

Per our own research, our Mexican neighbors to the South have also rigged up this ingenious cooking device from recycled farm equipment however they refer to it as a “Discada” and have a dish which bears the same name.  It doesn’t really matter which country came up with it first, but it does matter that it is the best cooking device you can buy.  Let’s explore why.

First of all, it is all-inclusive and self-contained.  The device is stored in two vinyl-coated polyester bags with mil-spec webbing reinforcement (sold separately).  One bag houses the tripod legs and the other stores the skottle disc, the propane burner, multiple camp propane bottles, and room to spare for certain accessories (like the skottle table top or cooking lid).  The bags are very well made and are constructed by our friends at Blue Ridge Overland Gear.  The skottle is all-inclusive in that no other devices are needed – no pots, no pans, no extra clean up!

Skottle Bag

Secondly, the device is extremely rugged and extremely simple.  Modern camping stoves are notoriously cheap and have a tendency to fall apart.  The skottle itself has nothing on it that could fail.  Three steel tripod legs attach to the bottom using eye bolts.  The skottle itself is a simple disc with a bracket to hang a single propane burner.  That’s it!  Theoretically the burner could fail, but that would be attributable to the stove manufacturer and not Tembo Tusk.  In such an unlikely scenario, the skottle could be placed over a flame to cook in an emergency.  In that regard, it is fail-proof.  One device, self-contained, that will not let you down.


Further, the skottle is versatile.  With a traditional camping stove, you are typically limited to simple dishes and you have to cram them into the tiny titanium pans that end up charred to the point that Kingsford could put them in a bag and sell them.  With the Tembo Tusk skottle, you can feed groups big or small and you will eat better food.  The cooking surface comes pre-seasoned and gets better over time as the juices from your meals soak into the metal (similar to a dutch oven or cast iron frying pan).  The skottle also measures in at 18 inches across – that is a surface area of almost 255 in²!  Tasty food, gourmet dishes, room to feed big groups.  What else could you ask for?


Accessories…you could ask for accessories.  Sure, it cooks well, it is simple, it is rugged, but can I add to it to make it even better?  Of course you can, and Tembo Tusk has you covered.  Want to steam veggies on it?  You can do that with the help of the steam tray.  Want to use it as a camp table when you aren’t cooking on it?  Opt for the logo emblazoned table top.  Need a cover to help melt that cheese or add flavor to your burger buns?  Pick up the extreme duty skottle lid.  Want to cook in raging winds?  You can do that, too, just snag a wind shield.


Tembo Tusk doesn’t want to sell you good products; they want to sell you the best products.  Products you trust.  Products you won’t leave home without.  Believe me – the skottle is one of those products.  Get yours today, and see what the hype is about.  I promise you will not be disappointed.


For transparency, we would like to note that Tembo Tusk is a sponsor of ours however our skottles themselves were purchased at full retail price.  Our review is 100% unbiased and we will not put our name on something or stand for it if we don’t believe in it.  We hope you enjoy your skottle as much as we enjoy ours!

Head over to OffroadNC and read more of the review here

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Outside Magazine: 5 Clever Camp Accessories You've Likely Never Heard Of

Outside Magazine: 5 Clever Camp Accessories You've Likely Never Heard Of

Here at Outside, we like to think we have our fingers on the gear pulse, but at the recent Overland Expo West, we saw lots of new, smart products that were new to us.

The TemboTusk Skottle is one example of innovative gear originating in overlanding that can cross into other outdoor camping activities.

Photo: Christopher D. Thompson

Leave it to the vendors who showed up at Overland Expo West to surprise us with some of the most inventive gear we’ve never seen. Some we covered in our roundup of rigs, but we wanted to dedicate another overview to the inventive camping accessories we found. What follows are five pieces of gear anyone—overlander or not—can use to have a better time living outside.

TemboTusk Skottle Grill

We’ll always be fans of the classic Coleman two-burner stove, but now we’re also hooked on these grills (seen above). They originated in South Africa and are having a moment in the United States. The grilling surface resembles a flatter wok, making it ideal for cooking anything from bacon and pancakes to steaks and veggies. The surface comes preseasoned, so you can start cooking immediately. The grill sits on three legs about three to four feet off the ground—just hang a Coleman bottle and burner combo (sold separately) below to create heat. All the legs come off so the grill packs down into a portable package.
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Dirt Road Trip: What's your preferred cooking method?

Dirt Road Trip: What's your preferred cooking method?

I am quite sure everyone loves to eat while they are overlanding, but what do you use to cook?

For the longest time we just used a Coleman 2 burner stove during our adventures, and that seems to be norm in the community. Although when my husband heard about the TemboTusk Cooking Skottle, he would not stop talking about how he wanted one. Well, I ended up getting him one for Christmas last year.

At first it just sat by our backdoor waiting for the warmer weather of spring to use for the camping season, until, one day, he decided he should probably test it out before we actually tried it on a camping trip. Well folks, cooking outdoors has never been the same or with such easy cleanup!

To read more, please click the link:  Dirt Road Trip

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GearJunky Review: Camp Gourmet? Meet the 'Skottle'

GearJunky Review: Camp Gourmet? Meet the 'Skottle'

GearJunky's Mallory Paige wrote an excellent independent review of the Skottle Grill Kit from Tembotusk.

Click the link to view the GearJunky review. Camp Gourmet? Meet the 'Skottle'

Camp Gourmet? Meet The ‘Skottle’


Originally popularized in Africa, the large wok-like disc known as a Skottle was traditionally used straight over a fire. Overland gear company TemboTusk adds the convenience of gas canister cooking to its portable model.

TemboTusk Skottle ($275)

First Impressions: Heavy duty, made it to last.

Tembo Tusk Skottle

Where To Test It: Wrangle the crew, pack up the truck, toss it into four-wheel drive and head for the hills. Spend ample time bumping along back roads and splashing through mud puddles to ensure everyone arrives at camp tired and hungry. Proceed to whip out the Skottle and woo everyone with your camp chef ways. Slice up some veggies for a stir fry or go straight carnivore – this thing cooks up bacon, burgers and chops like a champ.

Off-roading not your thing? Don’t despair, you can still enjoy the magic of the Skottle. Pack it for a gourmet picnic in the park. Take it along as you car camp across America. Go ahead and fire it up from the comfort of your own backyard; one use and you’ll be tempted to throw out your grill forever.

cooking on skottle

Who It’s For: Overlanders, van lifers, car campers and backyard barbecue enthusiasts. Perfect for a party, the 18-inch disc allows you to cook up large meals quickly and deliciously.

Who It’s Not For: Thru-hikers, lightweight enthusiasts, adventure riders, campers venturing great distances from the car. Even packed down it’s not small, and heavy-duty means hefty – you don’t want to lug this thing very far.

Tembo Tusk Skottle Kit

  • Disc Diameter: 18 inches
  • Standing Height: 28 inches
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Kit Includes: cooking disc, 3 mounting legs, 5 pins for mounting legs and burner, instruction sheet; fuel sold separately

Fabricated In: U.S.A.

Review: Tembo Tusk Skottle

Room for Improvement: Everyone I talked to agreed – they love the Skottle. But surely, I begged and pleaded, there must be some way it could be improved. And finally after much consideration overland enthusiast Rich Ivey landed on this: adjustable legs. The one thing that would do away with uneven terrain concerns and take the Skottle from fantastic to perfect.

It’s also expensive for what is essentially a cast iron disk and simple $40 Coleman burner. Really, that is the burner used in the package. So you could pick up a Lodge 12-inch cast iron griddle and the burner for about $80, save yourself about $200, and do many of the same tasks.

But the made-in-USA Skottle is an investment that should work for years to come. Strong legs make a great cooking platform that will save knees and back. Big groups will appreciate the large surface area of the 18″ disk.

tembo tusk skottle review

Awesome! The cleanup. Seriously. It’s quick and easy, letting you focus on enjoying your time in the outdoors. If you’ll be using it several more times throughout the weekend, just drizzle some oil on the warm disc and wipe off with a paper towel. When it’s time for a deep cleaning, warm a tablespoon or two of oil, toss on some coarse salt and scrub out with a paper towel. Like a good pre-seasoned cast iron skillet, the disc comes ready to use and gets even better with use.

Tembo Tusk Skottle 2

Buy It If: You love multi-use tools – from pancakes to burgers and from asian stir-fry to perfectly scrambled eggs the Skottle knows no bounds. You need to make enough food for the whole group, in the backyard or on the road. You want to take your over-landing kitchen game to new heights. You’re passionate about good food in the great outdoors.

Buy Now/More Info

–Mallory Paige is a Storyteller and Adventurer. As creator of the popular Operation Moto Dog adventure, she is traveling and camping her way across North America on a motorcycle-sidecar with Baylor the Dog, proving you don’t need to be fearless or perfect to live your dreams.

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Mountain State Overland Review: TemboTusk Fridge Slide with Cutting Board

Mountain State Overland Review: TemboTusk Fridge Slide with Cutting Board

When the team decided that we wanted to run refrigerator systems in the vehicle this season we were met with the challenge of deciding where and how we wanted to mount said systems. We went with the iconic Engel MT45 for its stellar reputation in the overland community and its incredible efficiency ratings. For the 4runner we only have but so much room in the rear cargo area and we try to maximize space so that things stay orderly and accessible. With the cargo box/drawer built into the back already we felt a pull out fridge slide would be optimal and would allow us the ability to mount the fridge on top of the existing box. 


With that decision process over we immediately thought of Tembo Tusk as a possibility for making our Engel fridge even better. We were in contact with Jerry shortly thereafter and soon enough had a pair of Extreme Duty Flat Slides with the cutting board attachment in our possession. The first thing noticed when we grabbed the box was the weight.  It feels like you could drop this thing off of a building and it might maybe bend it a little. The material and production quality utilized is amazing and is obviously built for years and years of hard use over rough terrain. 

At the heart of this system is a set of Accuride slides that I believe are rated at 500 pounds. They lock both in and out (which is nice on uneven terrain) and they are very smooth and easy to operate. If you check out the Tembo Tusk website you can see a picture of a man sitting on one of these slides with no failure, which is impressive. So filling an Engel Fridge/Freezer full of food and beverage and putting it on this slide is no worry at all. 

Another very nice feature that Jerry included was the cutting board attachment, which slides out from under the fridge and gives a nice working surface for prepping meals, snacks, or mixed drinks. The board itself easily lifts out for cleaning or moving food around camp.  At first we wondered if we would really use that feature much since we already have a pretty well thought out camp kitchen, but we have since found it indispensable and having extra food prep surfaces in camp is always good. It has been used for anything from chopping onions/peppers for fajitas to slicing limes for camp brew to chopping mint for mojitos. We wouldn't leave home without it now that we have that option. 

Jerry has been an amazing guy to work with since day 1 and has been very supportive of our endeavors. His product is made entirely in the US and it is built to work...plain and simple.  We also utilized the "buffalo straps" which are used to secure the Engel to the slide with webbing and a cam buckle. These are very handy and do the trick quite well. The fridge is certainly not coming off of that slide even in heavy off-road applications, trust me...we have tried. The only minor issue we had was the Engel likes to "walk around" some in the slide on rough and bumpy terrain which we fixed by placing a 1/4 inch rubber mat under the fridge which seems to have worked. This may not be the case for other brands of refrigeration and its really a nominal issue.

All in all we couldn't be more pleased with Tembo Tusk and their products. True American craftsmanship that fills a very important role in our overland travels. They also make the Skottle cooker (see previous blog post) as well, which is another amazing product we continue to use and appreciate time and again. (note: Blue Ridge Overland Gear also produces a Skottle Carrying Bag that you can get on the Tembo Tusk Site)

A review:  
by: Jeremy

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